Board of Trustees

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2nd Commando Regiment
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Donations to the Trust will be applied either to the ongoing support of those families left behind by the death of their loved one in the service of our country or alternately funds will be directed into making life the best it can be for the families of those Commandos who are seriously injured whilst on operations.

The Trustees will consider each case on its merits based on a complete brief provided by a Military Board convened to assess and recommend suitable levels of support to affected SOCOMD members and families.

The Trustees of the Commando Welfare Trust are;

  • MAJGEN Tim McOwan AO DSC CSM - Patron
  • Graham Ferguson - Chairman of Trustees (General Manager Plenary Living)
  • MAJGEN Jeffrey Sengelman DSC AM CSC - Deputy Chairman (SOCAUST)
  • Peter Harvie - Trustee (Chairman CHE Pty Ltd)
  • Bruce Parker - Trustee (Managing Director - HM Engines Pty Ltd)
  • Damian Paul Trustee (National Managing Director M+K Lawyers)
  • Peter Laverick - Trustee (Partner Laverick Legal Lawyers)
  • Ian Breedon - Trustee (Former Partner Deloitte Australia)

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"Within that wider army family is a smaller and one could argue, even tighter family group the 2nd Commando Regiment. Our Son is a member of that family and we will be forever grateful that in his hour of greatest need that that family directed whatever resources were required to help him."  
         Steve and Di Thomlinson