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The Commando Welfare Trust was founded in 2010 to establish a perpetual safety net for Special Operations Command (SOCOMD) soldiers, veterans and family members.

SOCOMD is a brigade of elite soldiers who train under extremely dangerous conditions, are disproportionately deployed into combat and are 50% more likely to experience a casualty.

The tragic events they face invariably cause financial and emotional hardship for many years, placing an ongoing toll on Australian families.

The trauma of losing a loved one or living with a debilitating injury creates daily challenges which can last a lifetime. Yet, despite the many funding, grant or entitlement options available, these Australians often fall through the cracks.

We provide support where the existing services available are unable to. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide SOCOMD soldiers, veterans and family members with instant access to emergency funding and long-term financial support where the system cannot.

Over the past 12 years, we have given $5 million to address the shortfalls in the lives of soldiers, veterans, wives and children who have made significant sacrifices for our country.

We support families members of soldiers and veterans who have been killed, injured or have taken their own life while covering the medical or mental health costs for SOCOMD members serving, in transition or discharged.

We also provide support to serving members and their families.

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