Supporting Australia's most at risk soldiers

Providing emergency and long-term financial support to Special Forces 
soldiers, veterans and family members where the system cannot

Who We Are

Our Mission

The Commando Welfare Trust provides a perpetual safety net for Special Operations Command (SOCOMD) soldiers, veterans and family members.

Although there are many services available, they do not provide the level of assistance required to overcome the emotional and financial hardships these Australians invariably face. 

Given these shortfalls, our mission is to provide immediate and ongoing financial support where the system is unable to.

Donate to the four SOCOMD soldiers we lost in the Hamilton Island helicopter crash

Tragedy has struck our SOCOMD community as we mourn the loss of four brave soldiers from the 6th Aviation Regiment. 

These courageous men made the ultimate sacrifice while serving our country, leaving behind devastated family members who have lost their loved ones.

By providing both emergency and ongoing financial support, the Commando Welfare Trust aims to alleviate the immense burden they now face due to this tragic loss.

Your donation will make a significant difference in their lives during this challenging time.

Please make sure to spread the word about this cause on social media, among friends, family, and colleagues so that more people can join in supporting these families.

Those aboard the helicopter were, from left, Captain Daniel Lyon, Corporal Alexander Naggs, Lieutenant Maxwell Nugent and Warrant Officer Class Two Joseph Laycock.

Keith Wolahan's speech to Federal Parliament on the the Hamilton Island helicopter crash

Our Impact

Over the past 12 years, we have given $5 million to address the shortfalls in the lives of soldiers, veterans, wives and children who have made significant sacrifices for our country.

$ 0 M
In support to soldiers, veterans & families
Beneficiaries over the past decade
Families we are currently supporting
Acts of support to our community

Why We Exist

Higher Casualty Rate

Special Forces soldiers are 50% more likely to suffer casualties

Cutting Red Tape

Instant access to emergency funding and ongoing financial support

Underserviced Area

We provide support where the system is unable to

Mental Health Crisis

Supporting families who have lost a loved one to the battle after the war

Ongoing Trauma

We help soldiers, veterans & families struggling with the consequences of war every day

Future Casualties

In the likelihood of more conflict, we need to be prepared to support the most at risk soldiers

A Real Difference


Annual Charity Ball 2023

The Annual Commando Welfare Trust Charity Ball is our marquee funding event for the year, with all the funds raised going directly to Australian soldiers most at risk of experiencing casualties.

This year’s event will be part of a wider 80th Anniversary of Operation Jaywick held by Australian Special Operations Command in Sydney.

The black-tie event will be held on Friday, 8th September 2023, at the Australian National Maritime Museum, Darling Harbour, Sydney.

Our Programs

CWT Scholarship Program

The Commando Welfare Trust, in partnership with Lockheed Martin Australia and Wandering Warriors, offers six $5,000 scholarships each year to support the re-training of Australian Special Operations veterans as they transition into the civilian workforce.

Ritchies IGA Community Benefits Program

Ritchies IGA will donate a small percentage of your shop to the Commando Welfare Trust. All you have to do is sign up for the free Ritchies Card program and nominate the Commando Welfare Trust as your preferred charity.

Krait Foundation

Along with Wandering Warriors and SAS Resources Fund, the Commando Welfare Trust was a founding partner and donor of the Krait Foundation, which transitions elite military service members to the private sector and helps create the next generation of business and community leaders.

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Our Sponsors & Partners

We work with like-minded organisations to advance our mission of supporting Australian soldiers, veterans and family members where the system cannot.

Krait Foundation

Cam's Cause

Wandering Warriors

Omni Executive

Sitzler Constructions

Audi Canberra

Lockheed Martin Australia

Next Peak

Support Those Who Serve Us

Donations to the Commando Welfare Trust are the most direct way you can support Australian soldiers, veterans and family members dealing with the daily challenges created by war.  

Your donations help us cut through the red tape and provide critical support where the existing services cannot.

The Commando Welfare Trust is a registered charity with tax-deductible donations, with 100 per cent of the funds going to our beneficiaries.

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