Taraidh Colquhoun

Taraidh Colquhoun

In May 2023, an Australian Special Forces veteran, Taraidh Colquhoun, suffered severe injuries in a mountain bike accident, which required surgery to restore a break in the C6-7 of his spine.

Taraidh was initially placed in an induced coma in Melbourne after being transported from a hospital in Tasmania.

Taraidh is now out of the induced coma and is breathing on his own once again. There is some movement in his arms, but it appears that he may not regain the use of his legs.

Taraidh is currently at Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre in Melbourne, where he will undergo further treatment for an estimated six months. During this time, he and his family will face various challenges as they navigate this next chapter in their lives. 

The extent of his eventual recovery is still uncertain.

Taraidh’s wife, Darlene, has been by his side since the accident, showing unwavering support. She has moved herself and the children to Melbourne to be with Taraidh during his recovery process.

The Commando Welfare Trust has been actively supporting Taraidh and his family, making visits to Melbourne to offer assistance and emergency funding. 

We will continue to provide long-term support as they tackle the life-long challenges associated with a debilitating spinal injury. 

Taraidh is a father, a husband, a protector and Special Forces soldier who risked his life for his nation, which is why the Commando Welfare Trust is committed to providing him and his family with the ongoing support needed throughout their difficult journey.