Krait Foundation

Krait Foundation

Along with Wandering Warriors and SAS Resources Fund, the Commando Welfare Trust was a founding partner and donor of the Krait Foundation, which transitions elite military service members to the private sector and helps create the next generation of business and community leaders.

With 87% of Australian Defence Force members feeling under-prepared for their post-military life, the Krait Foundation will bridge the “readiness gap” of those and their families who are transitioning from full-time service to their civilian pursuits.

How it works

An integrated program has been established that is delivered over two months. The week-long intensive course is specifically designed to accelerate one’s understanding of themselves and their identity, culminating in a plan for the pursuit of purpose and fulfilment.

At the end of the course, Krait members will be well equipped for whatever path they choose to take in their career, whether that be a career in the corporate world, being more informed and self-aware in their next role, or making a business idea come to life.

Getting started is easy

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